Venturi Roof Hydrant

part no. 2131R



• Fully self contained, no drain required.
• Easy installation
• Only two moving parts.
• All elastomeric and moving parts accessible from the surface.
• Optional pump head style meets ADA requirements.


• Hose Bib – heavy duty brass with pail hook.
• Riser – 1” galvanized sched 40 steel pipe.
• Canister – stainless steel.
• Inlet – 3 /4” brass pipe thread.
• Outlet – ASSE and IAPMO approved 1011 Backflow preventer with 3 /4” Brass Garden Hose thread.
• Hose quick disconnector.
• Optional 1052 Backflow preventer available.


Remove hose and vacuum breaker, if used, at the supplied quick disconnect. Empty canister by operating hydrant at full flow for a minimum of 30 seconds or until water from Hose Bib becomes aerated.

How It Works

Venturi Roof Hydrant Demonstration

This demonstates how the venturi hydrant operates. Click “ON” and “OFF” buttons below picture to view demonstration.

The patented FreezeFlow Standard Hydrant, Standard ADA Hydrant, Self-Closing Hydrant and Venturi Roof Hydrant models are similar in design based on a venturi principal.

see Winterizing for additional information

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Venturi Roof Hydrant On

When the hydrant is on, the flow through the nozzle creates a vacuum in the canister and flows all the water out the hose bib.

  • No drain required

  • Meets ASSE 1057 Sanitary Yard Hydrant Standard.

  • Only two moving parts

  • Fully self contained

see Winterizing for additional information

Venturi Roof Hydrant Off

When the valve is shut off the venturi is not in effect and the remaining water in the hydrant riser drains back into the canister below the roof line preventing freeze-ups.

Because the hydrant drains into a sealed canister and not out a fabricated drain, construction costs are greatly reduced.

  • No drain required
  • Sanitary – prevents cross contamination
  • Does not contaminate water supply
  • Fully self contained

Drains into a self contained canister, prevents cross contamination.